Best Funny Fails Videos: Challenge

Grin Challenge | Try Not To Laugh | Best Funny Fails Videos


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Grin Challenge | Try Not To Laugh | Best Funny Fails Videos


Sara Cooking Games: Exceptional Entertainment for You and Your Child


Sara cooking games have grown to become one of the most played online games, providing quality entertainment to thousands of parents and children. Sara is an animated master chef that teaches your child recipes and ingredients while keeping them entertained.

What Do These Cooking Games Teach Your Child?

Sara's Cooking Games teach your child how to make a variety of dishes.  The fun and out-going, red haired, animated character named Sara teaches your child how to cook.  The games range in levels from easy to make recipes to advanced cooking classes.  Sara’s advanced classes teach your child how to make upscale recipes with style.

Sara has a game that fits everyone’s needs, and pretend appetite. There isn’t a special occasion or event that Sara cannot help you build an elaborate meal to celebrate.  Anywhere from Christmas to Mother’s day, Sara has it all.   

How to Play Sara Games  

Sara games can be accessed from several websites.  Most of these sites are free, however some charge a small fee to play.  The game doesn’t require you to download it to your device in order to play.  All you have to do is load it from your computer, cell phone, or tablet to start playing.  Once you have loaded the game, Sara will appear. Use your cursor to navigate to the next screen.  Read the ingredient list, and begin your game.

The ingredients and utensils needed for the recipe will appear on the side of the screen.  Your child will use the mouse to begin chopping the ingredients one by one until you have completed the dish.  Sara will walk you through every step of the process. The game will reward you with points as a bonus once you finish the tasks in the required amount of time.  Your finished product and score will appear on screen after you have completed the game.     

Sara’s free and paid versions are available on computers, as well as cellular devices, tablets, and video game consoles. They are fun to play at home, or to keep you and your child entertained on the go. Due to the wide range of possibilities and recipes Sara games are used to entertain both kids and adults.  

Sara games can be used to develop your child’s cooking skills, and inform them about a variety of recipes.  Parents appreciate these games for their educational value, and ability to teach their kids chores and safety in the kitchen.  After completing a recipe on the game, you can share in the joy with your child by preparing the dish as your next meal.  

If your child is too young to handle knives and other kitchen utensils, you can allow them to participate by washing the fruits and vegetables, and then let them measure the ingredients and add them to the pot.

Sara games can be used as a bonding experience for you and your child by allowing them to connect with the foods that they eat.